FPS Microgame Add-on

FPS Microgame Add-on Screenshot

This game was produced as part of my BSc (Hons) in Games Computing at the University of Lincoln. My objective was to create a new level, weapon and enemy from an already existing Unity tutorial. I chose to create a ‘boss level’. 


In order to reach this stage of the game, the player must have destroyed all enemies in previous levels. I chose to spawn the player in an enclosed space,  deliberately to increase anxiety levels. The enemy boss fires lasers out of its eyes and runs into the player, so that they lose health. This is shown in the image below:

In addition to this, the player can fire bullets at the boss, using a gun that I created using Unity 3D Primitives (the basic shapes that come with Unity – spheres, cubes, capsules and cylinders). Once one of their bullets hits the boss, then that section is destroyed and a power up spawns. This is shown below:

Once a power up is destroyed (by being shot at), an effect will be given to the player. These may be positive or negative, depending on a random number generator. Also, there are different strengths of power ups (X2 and X5). There are a variety of power up types, such as speed, health, slowness. This is demonstrated in the C# script below: