Cubes vs Spheres

Cubes vs Spheres Screenshot

This game was created as a part of the Games Development module on the Games Computing course at the University of Lincoln. This game was created from scratch, using Unity 3D and its primitives.  When the game first starts, the player will have to enter a username, which is used for a leaderboard at the end of the game. After that, they are presented with the menu below:

Once the player has selected to play the game, they spawn inside a bar (I was going for a Western theme for this project). The aim of this level is to survive sixty seconds, whilst enemies try to kill the player. There are also power ups to help the player survive. These consist of double health, double score, an extra life, and double speed. The power up that they get is determined by a random number generator. In order to destroy the enemies, the player must drop mines and if the enemies step on them, they will die. In addition to this, the enemies have a ten percent chance to drop their weapon, when they die. The player can pick these weapons up and use them to defeat more enemies. The gameplay is shown below:

Once they have survived the sixty seconds and used the exit pad to leave, the player will be presented with the boss (which is introduced via a cut scene). In the boss battle, there are cacti which deal damage to both the player and the boss if they come into contact with it. The gameplay is shown below:

The boss has two stages of movement: one where it attacks the player constantly (if the boss health is greater than seventy), and another where it stands still for five seconds, charges at the player for another five seconds, and then repeats. Part of the C# script demonstrating this is shown below: